Getting Technical

Being in IT, the use of technology was always going to be incorporated into the use if some of the spaces inside the house. While I’d love to do some home automation, we just don’t have the funds to do it and the technology seems a bit disjointed at the moment. There is no single standard at the moment and if I was to do the things I wanted to I’d have about 10 different apps on my smartphone doing different things. Until it becomes a bit more streamlined I think it’ll have to wait.

At the moment all I have done is run some CAT6 to the bedrooms and living areas. The “comms cabinet” is at the top of the walk in robe where I plan to have a Plex server housing my multimedia. The Plex server will be accessible from the 60inch Samsung Smart TV I purchased for the living room. I should also be able to access Plex from my smartphone and cast to the TV via Google Chromecast.

The TV has 4 HDMI ports so I have run 3 cables in the wall from behind the TV to the TV unit below. The 4th cable runs from the back of the TV to the side of the space we have allocated for the lounge/sofa. This is so I can plug a laptop into the wall while sitting on the couch. It is a bit lazy, but makes it easy to stream movies from the laptop if Plex is not available.

For the audio I have started to purchase the Samsung Shape speakers to put around the house. This is Samsung’s version of Sonos and seems to be fairly decent from the reviews I have read. Hopefully they are true when it is time to use them. I’ll use these speakers for the TV and also to stream music from Spotify throughout the house and out onto the back deck.

We’ll see what else I can do with a limited budget…


Old world charm on a shoe-string budget

Daniel and I have always had a love of furniture with a back-story; if you’re anything like us you will know that having an appreciation for antiques is not cheap.

So, how do you get the look you are after for an extremely low budget? You turn into a shameless ebay trawler and you learn how to use your hands, that’s how!

Find and Seek Restoration – Grand total $374

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6-01-2015 12-56-02 PM

Finalising the Kitchen

6-01-2015 12-53-31 PMJust before Christmas we placed the order for our kitchen cabinets. It was actually quite a difficult choice in the end. We didn’t want to play it safe and go with an all white Kitchen that seems popular now. Everywhere we went seemed to display glossy white cabinets with a white benchtop. So stark and boring!

We played with the idea of having half timber and half black cabinets with “Sleek Concrete” stone benchtop but it was something we struggled with visualise so decided against it. We knew we wanted to use black in the kitchen so replaced the timber look with matte white. It continued to evolve until we finally decided on matte black, matte white and a marble style benchtop.

After sitting on this design for a while we were nervous to lock it in and go ahead with the order. Black is such a statement in a kitchen so it would be a bold move. We’d have to like it and we’d have to live with it if we didn’t. No matter how many photos we looked at online we were apprehensive to take the plunge. In the end the builder forced our hand as if we didn’t place the order it would have delayed the build so we had to move.

We are still yet to decide on the benchtop but are thinking Caesarstone Frosty Carrina as our original choice of Calacatta Nuvo is way above our price range.

I have created a mockup of the kitchen in Google Sketchup, hopefully it turns out the same!

2014-12-04 19.54.18

No Longer a Fibro

As of late last week, the house is now a weatherboard house! The Fibro and Asbestos are nowhere to be seen! It has been a big few weeks.  The roof is on, all internal walls have been built, the new plumbing is done and the electrician has ran all of the new wiring to the extension. Late last week most of the Windows went in and our builder started cladding the house in Weathertex Old Colonial. By the end of this week the majority of the cladding should be on, the deck built and by next week we’ll be ready for the plasterboard!

Photos below…


2014-11-25 11.21.09

Last Minute Decisions

The past few weeks have been fairly hectic! We are at the stage now where the decisions we make are final. We can no longer sit on ideas and designs, it has to be decided on and we have to be happy with the choices we have made. The issue of late is that we have had so long to sit on our ideas, that when the builder asks for things we have a late minute change of mind and have to rush around Sydney buying things so we don’t hold anything up.

An example of this was a few weeks ago when the builder asked about our main bathroom Vanity. As documented in an earlier post, we were going to custom make our vanities. We sat on that idea for a few weeks and then all of a sudden we needed to know the specs of the vanity as the plumber was coming to “rough in”. This was on a Monday morning right before were we going to leave for work. We have to cancel our meetings, head out and buy a bathroom vanity. In the end we were happy with the choice but these last minute decisions under pressure could potentially lead to some bad decisions.

Over the past week we have gone through our choices and confirmed them, placing orders and buying everything so it is all ready to go, and that means the choices we make are final.  Our bathrooms accessories are all purchased so there is no going back now!


2014-11-14 09.41.04

2 Months In

It has been a few weeks since the last update! Aside from trying to decide on vanities and other fittings for the bathroom and kitchens, the builder has been busy getting the framing finished off, demolishing the existing internal walls, ceiling, kitchen and bathroom and the roofer has been on site this week putting on the fascia. We were hoping the majority of the roof would be on by the end of this week but it looks like it’ll happen next week now.

The electrician has been on site this week relocating our power box. It has to be moved as the wall it is currently on is going to get removed.

By the end of next week the roof should be on, the windows and doors installed in the new extension ready for the cladding to begin. The builder says we’ll be all locked up by Christmas!

Take a look at the progress below.


Playing with colour palettes

There is a lot of pressure attached to choosing exterior colour schemes. Interior colours that become dated can be updated relatively easily but the Colorbond roofing and weatherboard needs to stand the test of time.


After much deliberation we have decided on a Surfmist Colorbond roof with Dulux Milton Moon weatherboard.



Dulux Milton Moon

The exterior front door will be red, just to add a little bit of Ireland to our home. I think it will give the home loads of inviting street appeal.


Dulux Signal Red

The interior will feature Preference Ebony Oak flooring and Duluxe Whisper White walls, light oak trims and charcoal carpet in the bedrooms.


Preference ebony Oak flooring
taubmans crisp white
Taubmans Crisp White
Light Oak
Charcoal Carpet 00324
Altereco_Cottesloe Drive_78

Vanity Blues

So we are at that stage of the build now where actually have to start making decisions and purchases. Up until now it has all been looking at display homes, showrooms and photos online. By now we have an idea of what we want and the look we are going for so now we just need to spend some money! Sounds easy, but not quite.

One purchase we need to make shortly is a bathroom vanity. The first bathroom completed will be the main bathroom which will feature a freestanding bath and all the other usual things you’d find in a bathroom. We have already chosen our floor tiles…

Bathroom Tiles

We have spent the last few weeks looking for the vanity for this bathroom and just can’t find something we like. Everything seems to be shiny white that just won’t suit the look we are going for. The floor tiles will be as above, white subway wall tiles and the walls above the tiles painted a dark grey. We’ll have a long pendant light over the bath, most probably black. We like the idea of a raw timber look vanity. Originally we thought a single slab of timber with a basin, but then the lack of storage was bothering us so we now want a raw timber vanity, with drawers and 2 basins.

Something similar to this…
Photo from

As of yet we are unable to find anything at all similar to this, or even in raw timber so we are going to explore the option of having it made for us rather than purchased off the shelf. At least this way we’ll get what we want rather than settling for a white shiny reflective vanity!

Featured photo from


Full Steam Ahead!

Things have really started to move over the past week! All of the ground work was completed last week and the floor bearers and joists started going in last Friday. Over the weekend we decided it would probably be best to move out of the house so the builders could get stuck into it properly. Us being there was just holding things up and it would have meant some trades would have to visit twice which probably would have cost us more money in the long run. We packed our bags and moved out on Monday afternoon.

Since Monday the floors have been laid, the frames have gone up and the new roof trusses have gone in. The house is no longer a fibro house, all fibro was removed on Tuesday morning. The builders have also started demolishing the inside of the existing house.

Over the next few days most of the work will be in the roof, getting it ready for the colorbond to go on next Thursday. The windows for the extension should also go in next week and once they are in we can start cladding it. We have gone for the Weathertex Selflok Old Colonial Smooth which we’ll probably paint a mid-dark gray. The colour we have chosen for the Colorbond roof, widows and fascia is Surfmist.





Slow Movin’

So we are at the start of week 4 and are barely out of the ground. The weather over the past week has put the builder slightly behind. By now we were hoping the brickwork should have been completed and we’d be ready for the frames when they arrive.

The bricklayer is due back on site this Thursday but only if the builder is able to waterproof the retaining wall and backfill behind it.

The frames will arrive on Thursday and if all goes well they’ll be up by the end of next week.

Then things should move a bit faster…



It’s all in the planning

They say that planning is the key to success and I am fast seeing the truth in that. When Daniel and I first committed to this renovation I didn’t know what I wanted, I just wanted it to start. Impatience can derail a great idea, it can add frustration to what is meant to be an exciting time in your life and can lead to rash decisions that you will later come to regret.

We had our first round of house plans drawn up 18 months ago, the final plans (version number 22) have been produced through months of debate… The longer we sat with our ideas the more we finessed them until we had nothing left to disagree on. The feeling of certainty is a massive weight off our shoulders.

Same goes for pain colours, finishes and fittings… I look back on my saved Pinterest pin boards and shudder at the styles I saved in “Dream kitchens and bathroom”.  If I could pass on any bit of advice to fellow reno rookies it would be to take your time in the planning stages.


2014-09-22 13.48.53

Day 1 is finally here!

We have finally began breaking ground! We have to level the backyard in order to lay the foundations an brick piers for the extension. The excavator hit some unexpected rock, so this may add another day or so to the excavation, and probably more cost. Other than that, there is not too much more to report! Some photos are below…