Daniel and I have always had a love of furniture with a back-story; if you’re anything like us you will know that having an appreciation for antiques is not cheap.

So, how do you get the look you are after for an extremely low budget? You turn into a shameless ebay trawler and you learn how to use your hands, that’s how!

Find and Seek Restoration – Grand total $374

Mid-century Parker Knoll Armchairs
I picked up these gorgeous Parker Knoll chairs for $114 on ebay, it took a bit of elbow grease but the end result was close to perfection.


1961 Wrightbilt Armchair

This Wrightbilt armchair needed a lot of work; I found it on ebay for $60. It was so scratched that we needed to sand it all the way back to its natural wood, when all the stain was removed we feel in love with the gorgeous tones and opted to polish it up with Beeswax and leave it au natural.



1944 Tea Trolley
This elegant tea trolley (being used as a bar) was a steal at $100. I was looking for a drinks trolley for months, it was difficult to hunt down a reasonably priced cart in antique stores, so when I stumbled across this on (you guessed it) ebay I was over the moon.


drinks trolly

1890’s Fold-out Card Table
We came across this stunning card table (being used as a hallway side table) in an antique shop in Annandale called Camperdown Mews, the price tag said $560 but they were overstocked and agreed to take $100… It’s always wise to negotiate, you may find you walk away with a bargain like we did :) This table was in such great condition that we didn’t need to do anything to it.



Where do you pick up your pre-loved bargains?

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