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Vanity Blues

So we are at that stage of the build now where actually have to start making decisions and purchases. Up until now it has all been looking at display homes, showrooms and photos online. By now we have an idea of what we want and the look we are going for so now we just need to spend some money! Sounds easy, but not quite.

One purchase we need to make shortly is a bathroom vanity. The first bathroom completed will be the main bathroom which will feature a freestanding bath and all the other usual things you’d find in a bathroom. We have already chosen our floor tiles…

Bathroom Tiles

We have spent the last few weeks looking for the vanity for this bathroom and just can’t find something we like. Everything seems to be shiny white that just won’t suit the look we are going for. The floor tiles will be as above, white subway wall tiles and the walls above the tiles painted a dark grey. We’ll have a long pendant light over the bath, most probably black. We like the idea of a raw timber look vanity. Originally we thought a single slab of timber with a basin, but then the lack of storage was bothering us so we now want a raw timber vanity, with drawers and 2 basins.

Something similar to this…
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As of yet we are unable to find anything at all similar to this, or even in raw timber so we are going to explore the option of having it made for us rather than purchased off the shelf. At least this way we’ll get what we want rather than settling for a white shiny reflective vanity!

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