2014-11-25 11.21.09

Last Minute Decisions

The past few weeks have been fairly hectic! We are at the stage now where the decisions we make are final. We can no longer sit on ideas and designs, it has to be decided on and we have to be happy with the choices we have made. The issue of late is that we have had so long to sit on our ideas, that when the builder asks for things we have a late minute change of mind and have to rush around Sydney buying things so we don’t hold anything up.

An example of this was a few weeks ago when the builder asked about our main bathroom Vanity. As documented in an earlier post, we were going to custom make our vanities. We sat on that idea for a few weeks and then all of a sudden we needed to know the specs of the vanity as the plumber was coming to “rough in”. This was on a Monday morning right before were we going to leave for work. We have to cancel our meetings, head out and buy a bathroom vanity. In the end we were happy with the choice but these last minute decisions under pressure could potentially lead to some bad decisions.

Over the past week we have gone through our choices and confirmed them, placing orders and buying everything so it is all ready to go, and that means the choices we make are final.  Our bathrooms accessories are all purchased so there is no going back now!