Getting Technical

Being in IT, the use of technology was always going to be incorporated into the use if some of the spaces inside the house. While I’d love to do some home automation, we just don’t have the funds to do it and the technology seems a bit disjointed at the moment. There is no single┬ástandard at the moment and if I was to do the things I wanted to I’d have about 10 different apps on my smartphone doing different things. Until it becomes a bit more streamlined I think it’ll have to wait.

At the moment all I have done is run some CAT6 to the bedrooms and living areas. The “comms cabinet” is at the top of the walk in robe where I plan to have a Plex server housing my multimedia. The Plex server will be accessible from the 60inch Samsung Smart TV I purchased for the living room. I should also be able to access Plex from my smartphone and cast to the TV via Google Chromecast.

The TV has 4 HDMI ports so I have run 3 cables in the wall from behind the TV to the TV unit below. The 4th cable runs from the back of the TV to the side of the space we have allocated for the lounge/sofa. This is so I can plug a laptop into the wall while sitting on the couch. It is a bit lazy, but makes it easy to stream movies from the laptop if Plex is not available.

For the audio I have started to purchase the Samsung Shape speakers to put around the house. This is Samsung’s version of Sonos and seems to be fairly decent from the reviews I have read. Hopefully they are true when it is time to use them. I’ll use these speakers for the TV and also to stream music from Spotify throughout the house and out onto the back deck.

We’ll see what else I can do with a limited budget…