They say that planning is the key to success and I am fast seeing the truth in that. When Daniel and I first committed to this renovation I didn’t know what I wanted, I just wanted it to start. Impatience can derail a great idea, it can add frustration to what is meant to be an exciting time in your life and can lead to rash decisions that you will later come to regret.

We had our first round of house plans drawn up 18 months ago, the final plans (version number 22) have been produced through months of debate… The longer we sat with our ideas the more we finessed them until we had nothing left to disagree on. The feeling of certainty is a massive weight off our shoulders.

Same goes for pain colours, finishes and fittings… I look back on my saved Pinterest pin boards and shudder at the styles I saved in “Dream kitchens and bathroom”.  If I could pass on any bit of advice to fellow reno rookies it would be to take your time in the planning stages.


One thought on “It’s all in the planning

  1. Looking forward to watching your progress

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